Stereodynamics 2024

Stereodynamics is a biennial conference which has a history of success, starting from 1986 in Jerusalem (Israel). Since then, there have been conferences in 1988 in Bad Honnef (Germany), 1990 in Santa Cruz (USA), 1992 in Assisi (Italy), 1994 in Gif sur Yvette (France), 1996 in Bielefeld (Germany), 1998 in Leeds (UK), 2000 in Escorial (Spain), 2002 in Schoorl (Netherlands), 2004 in Osaka (Japan), 2006 in Arcachon (France), 2008 in Dalian (China), 2010 in San Cruz (USA), 2012 in Paris (France), 2014 in St. Petersburg (Russia), 2016 in Taipei (Taiwan), 2018 in Arosa (Switzerland) and 2022 in Rethymnon (Greece). The 2024 edition will be held in Cardiff (UK), and will bring together scientists from all over the world to present and discuss cutting-edge experimental/theoretical studies, including orientation and alignment, photon, atomic, molecular and spin polarisation, chirality and steric effects, reaction dynamics in the gas phase, the condensed phase and at interfaces, photodissociation and photoionisation dynamics, ultrafast photochemistry, and cold molecules.